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About us

Dental clinic “Smile” was established in 2011, the founder of the clinic is Sarsenov Serik Kanayevich orthopedic dentist, more than 16 years of experience.

How we work?

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Our specialist makes a diagnosis and prescribes a treatment plan during the examination


Dental hygiene and cleaning will be done, if necessary


Performing the treatment procedure

Innovative technology in dentistry

Plasmolifting - a technique that allows you to treat periodontal diseases, relieve bleeding gums,
eliminate tooth mobility, bad breath and restore chewing function.

We take the patient’s blood in a biotechnological test tube

We centrifuge the blood and get an injectable form of platelet autoplasmylasm

We make a pruning of the treatment area with the help of consumables

Experienced doctors from 10 to 20 years of work. Team work: surgeon, therapist, orthopedist. Developing detailed treatment plan based on wishes and opportunity of our patients. Total experience of our 7 doctors is 75 years.
We also work with a microscope in our clinic.
We have proved that we can do any difficult works during our performance.
Our clinic is located in the center of our capital city. Not far from Baiterek and 50 steps from Abu Dhabi Plaza.
Book an appointment for online consultation and get a discount!

Online consultation is consulting with a doctor just taking place on the Internet, not in the office. You can contact your doctor from anywhere in the world.

Online consultation possibilities are wide: access to highly qualified specialists, saving and planning time.